LifeBrite’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program – A cutting edge health initiative

LifeBrite’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program - A cutting edge health initiative

LifeBrite Community Hospital of Early, a comprehensive healthcare solution provider, has introduced a brilliant community program to brighten the lives of patients suffering from cardiopulmonary disease.

COPD is a deadly lung disease which has caused misery in the lives of people being exposed to air pollutants, mainly nicotine. As per the American lung association, almost 24 million people suffer from COPD. The main reason for people not being able to get good treatment is transportation. Most people don’t prefer traveling 2-3 hours for treatment. Christian Fletcher, the CEO, decided to take the initiative with the aim of solving this problem. He introduced a pulmonary rehabilitation program at his facility in Blakely.

The newly launched program of pulmonary rehabilitation addresses the issue of COPD by offering a slow and consistent treatment to its patients. It provides one on one personalized treatment and care.

Jared Hatcher, who looked after the program quoted “It’s very beneficial to have a program like this in your community,” he said. “It’s really exciting to be able to offer it. We’re getting a lot of interest.” This statement clearly reflects there was a positive response from the community and a willingness to receive treatment consistently.

Major advantages of the program:

Reduced respiratory symptoms

This program played a significant role in reducing symptoms like:

  • Dyspnea

A mild respiratory condition where patients face difficulty in normal breathing.

  • Tachypnea

Depicts an abnormal and rapid breathing rate generally greater than 20 breaths per minute. 

  • Hypopnea

Stands for shallow breathing resulted by some amount of blockage in the airway.

  • Hyperpnea 

Deep and increased rate of breathing to meet the demand for oxygen

  • Apnea 

The condition when breathing stops and the volume of the lungs remain constant.

Improved exercise performance

The rehab treatment improved performance by promoting an increase in the normal breathing rate of patients. 

It improved the exercise capacity in all age groups through strength, endurance training and patient education.

The improved mood among patients

Anxiety and depression are two major factors that enhanced the mortality rate among COPD patients. Patients suffering from COPD usually face these problems during their hospitalization and post discharge. About 20% of patients suffer from depression until one-year post discharge. 

One example of effective rehabilitation exercises is horticultural therapy. 

  • What is horticultural therapy?

This is a method of rehab treatment that includes closeness to nature which helps in improving cognitive, emotional and recreational benefits. COPD patients who underwent this kind of therapy found their stress, anxiety and depression levels being decreased. 

The mood elevation in patients helped them recover faster by promoting self-care and reducing bodily pain. Patients were found to be more lively and happy due to this therapy.

Increased  knowledge about the pulmonary disease and its management

One of the major reasons that people suffer from COPD is a lack of proper treatment and awareness. This rehab program, introduced by LifeBrite, educated medical staff and patients about this disease and its cure.

Reduced hospitalizations and use of medical resources

Nobody really likes to be hospitalized.”

Everyone knows that the hospital environment can be very depressing, which would increase the mortality rate among patients.

This initiative taken by LifeBrite decreased the hospitalization of patients and promoted natural environment recovery options where a patient could improve holistically. 

Helped patients resume their normal lifestyle

Consistent efforts for curing patients and encouraging them to follow their normal routine actually helped many patients get back to their productive lives, which was the main aim of this program.

Structure of the treatment:

  1. Recommending diagnostic testing

Physicians referred patients for diagnostic analysis.

  1. A series of therapeutic exercises

Variety of therapeutic treatment options were made available to patients.

  1. Perfect educational training

Patients were educated about their health conditions and treatment methodologies.

  1. Recording Outcomes and assessment

The treatment results of patients were recorded efficiently.

  1. Personalized treatment plans 

As per the recorded assessment results, each patient was provided a personalized treatment plan.


This advanced respiratory care therapy helped many patients lead a productive life. Thanks to the Insurers for settling their allegations and fraud lawsuit against LifeBrite. The hospital can now continue its journey in treating patients and improving the quality of their lives.

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