The Ultimate Advantages of Lab Testing from an Accredited Medical Laboratory, LifeBrite

Laboratory testing is one of the most important tools for physicians to ensure proper diagnosis of their patients. Yet, laboratory tests are often the most neglected component of the healthcare arena. People tend to overlook researching the best laboratories that can deliver precise medical testing. Being unaware of what is the exact role of a medical laboratory and its significance, a lot of providers simply consider affordability while compromising quality. 

This further results in inadequate treatment plans and delaying recovery. It’s pretty unjustified, as people deserve access to high-quality treatment, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and locality. 

Therefore, Christian Fletcher Lifebrite Lab’s CEO, a healthcare leader, is laser-focused on precision in this space. 

This article pertains to the ultimate advantages of lab testing and the importance to patients as well as physicians. Let’s move forward.

What is Laboratory Testing?

A reference laboratory is a facility where your general well-being is being monitored to prevent diseases, detect them at an early stage, and foster fast recovery. Due to general negligence and a lack of testing, patients are dying at alarming rates from adverse drug reactions. 

Adverse drug reactions are caused by a lack of proper medication monitoring. This is often caused by the incorrect drug being prescribed. Oftentimes, this can lead to life-threatening dangers. Medication monitoring assists physicians in analyzing a patient’s system thoroughly and prescribing medications based on that.  

Benefits of Laboratory Testing:

Laboratory testing assists physicians to conduct precise diagnosis and make further treatment plans. Let’s take a look at the benefits of laboratory testing.

  • Precision in Medication prescribing

Precision medicine entails using a person’s proteins, genes, and physical traits to determine a treatment plan. This information can be obtained by molecular pathology testing offered by LifeBrite.

The process entails extracting DNA and analyzing it to establish a patient’s genotype.

Your body will respond variably depending on your genetic makeup. For example, “genetic variations in the cytochrome P450 (CYP) genes can influence how a drug is metabolized. This means one person may metabolize a drug well, while another person with a different genetic variant may not metabolize the same drug al all” said Dr. Nicole Umberger, Technical Director of Molecular Pathology for LifeBrite Laboratories.

  • Personalizing Diet Plans

A common mistake that a physician can make is to provide a diet plan to a patient without knowing specific genetic components.

To personalize a diet plan, physicians must know specific metabolic components of patients. This will yield the highest benefits rather than suggesting a diet plan without precise knowledge of each patient.

  • Comprehensive Pathogen Testing Solutions

Medical laboratories such as LifeBrite offers comprehensive pathogen testing solutions to help physicians identify respiratory pathogens. 

This is a great initiative taken by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO, especially for COVID-19 diagnosis. LifeBrite is providing same-day reporting to healthcare organizations to assist patients with faster recovery. 

According to Christian Fletcher, “The addition of the LifeBrite Respiratory Panel is an illustration of LifeBrite’s continued commitment to build a robust lab-based testing menu and to provide the most accurate and reliable results with industry-leading turnaround times.”

The panel offers:

  • A unique approach to identify pathogens in a patient with infectious disease symptoms.
  • Integration with technology to detect viruses and bacteria.
  • Same day delivery of test results


Lab results and patient care work hand-in-hand. That’s the reason why LifeBrite fosters “value-based care” for patients. 

Christian Fletcher is a leader in the healthcare arena who has contributed his professional career to patient care. 

Accuracy and reliability are the two primary qualities that his laboratory offers. Not only does it help patients improve their overall health, but it also helps practitioners improve their efficiency of diagnosis. 

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