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LifeBrite puts patient’s healthcare at the top of the priority list. Since inaccurate medication prescribing puts thousands to millions of lives at risk, we are continuously striving to provide the most accurate laboratory results to healthcare professionals. They can further assist clients to prescribe precise medications leading to a faster recovery. Over the years of serving with the utmost quality and core ethics of helping patients, LifeBrite lawsuits research center achieved the best laboratory of Atlanta award consecutively for four years. Our driving force is to improve patient’s health with quality healthcare solutions. Packed with a well-versed team, we’re all set to transform the future of healthcare.

  • We have introduced a respiratory pathogen profile to maintain precision for coronavirus testing.
  • LifeBrite offers a pulmonary rehabilitation program for women to conduct regular checkups to evade cervical cancer.
  • LifeBrite’s CEO, Christian Fletcher, closely works with his patients to encourage them to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.


Respiratory Pathogen Profile Testing

Considering the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 positives, LifeBrite has taken a unique initiative towards testing for coronaviruses. We’ve realized that healthcare workers are currently facing issues getting adequate COVID-19 testing. Therefore, we’re introducing genotyping technology to differentiate COVID-19 from other respiratory diseases. These precise measures taken by LifeBrite will promote the proper treatment of patients and fast recovery as well.

Annual Health Screening for Women

We have a number of health care programs to conduct routine health checkups for patients. Working closely in the field of healthcare, LifeBrite’s CEO Christian fletcher, has seen growing ignorance towards regular health checkups. However, regular health checkups can help diagnose them at an early stage, increasing the likelihood of survival. Currently, we have an annual health screening program that includes heart and lung screening, neurological screening and overall body screening.

Blood Sugar Test

The blood sugar test measures the glucose present in one’s blood. A high level of glucose can indicate diabetes, which can further cause kidney disease, heart disease, as well as blindness. An early diagnosis can help professionals diagnose the disease and commence the treatment process.

Lipid Panel Test

Women’s heart health is vital to their wellbeing. The precise ratio of HDL and LDL can assist healthcare professionals commence appropriate treatments and prevent further health complications.

Thyroid Test

TSH test measures the efficiency of the thyroid gland. An imbalance in thyroid levels can cause a number of health complications as this hormone is responsible for metabolic rates, heart function, digestive system function, muscle control and a lot more.